Let me AXE you a question…

Deez bass lines are bad. So bad, they make me want to dust off/decontaminate the axe sitting in my garage and learn how to play just so I can be a part of them, feel the fizzy buzzing drone under my fingertips. Because let’s face it, bass guitar is wizard. Is there a knob on your amp for “vocals”? How about “tambourine”? No sir. There is always a knob that let’s you pump up dat bass tho. And bass players are always the coolest (albeit sometimes the weirdest) cats in the band, not to mention they are always in high demand. Bass is the component that holds a song together for crying out loud.

But back to those bad-ass jams. Not a conclusive list, just some stand-outs. YOU’RE WELCOME.

1) “Good for Nothing,” Dance Hall Crashers

(Did you know Steve Zahn was in DHC?)

2) “Walk on the Wild Side,” Lou Reed

3) “The Chain,” Fleetwood Mac

4) “Get Ready,” The Temptations

5) “Seven Nation Army,” The White Stripes

*Honorable mention: “Come Together,” The Beatles


Mmmm, vibrating sauce. Dig it.

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